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One Clean

Natural All Purpose Cleaner

OneClean™ all natural cleaner deep cleans, shines and deordorizes all hard and porous surfaces in one easy step! 
Replaces all other chemical cleaners and is 100% safe for people, pets and the environment. 
Natural lemon grass scent leaves surfaces fresh smelling without chemical fumes or residue. 
Simply spray and wipe surfaces clean, then buff to a streak free shine with a clean, dry cloth. 
Powerful plant-based spray derived from coconut oil, palm oil and other natural ingredients.

Applications for





Spritz, Clean & Shine Every Surface:
  • glass, granite & other gloss surfaces
  • sinks, showers, toilets & baths
  • vinyl, ceramic tile, hardwood & marble floors
  • streak free mirrors
  • stainless steel appliances & grills
  • baby's rooms & toys
  • outdoor patio furniture,
  • automobiles, boats & RV's
  • decks & siding  



OneClean™ eliminates the need, extra expense and clutter of multiple cleaning products for glass, mirrors, flooring, walls and counter surfaces.  Simplify the process with this powerhouse, multi-purpose cleaner suitable for all hard and porous surfuces.  Using the latest in nanotechnology, OneClean™ penetrates stubborn stains, grease and grim with its natural oils, lifting them with ease.  Just spritz, wipe and buff to a clean shine!   

OneClean 32 OZ Ready To Use

Power Cleaner with All Natural Ingredients

Banish Baskets & Buckets of Cleaning Products with
Multi-Purpose OneClean™, Non-Toxic & Eco-Friendly

What People Are Saying About OneClean...

“It's been about three months since we started using One Clean, and the results have exceeded all our expectations. We live in the low desert of  California where we are subjected to “wind events” that blow an extremely fine dust that covers and gets into every nook and cranny of the house. Since One Clean does not leave any residue on a surface, surfaces that were cleaned prior to an “event” with One Clean have less build-up and are easier to clean. Type of surface is irrelevant. Windows, granite, tile, stainless steel and patio furniture all showed the same result. In the higher concentration, I cleaned all surfaces on a five year old outdoor gas grill, it looks like new. I will never return to the over-hyped, non-ecofriendly products again.


Don A, Bermuda Dunes, CA